June 6, 2018

Disabling Smart Hub on Samsung TVs

I have a nice 4K Samsung TV I bought a few years ago. Of late, it's been really slow booting up. When you would turn it on, it would usually take 30-45 seconds or so to respond "normally" to volume up and down commands. This was, I believe, due to all the appliation software the TV had to load.

Another problem was with the applications section of the Smart Hub menu. In the past 6-8 months, the TV has kept putting Facebook's Video app in the "recently used applications" section. It always put the Facebook app first and at least every week or so would refuse to show the YouTube application, even though that's pretty much the only application I use consistently on the TV.

Did I mention you can't delete the Facebook app? They say it is because it is "bundled". I guess I should have paid more for my TV.

The solution to this issue was presented to me by a Samsung support member, who will remain anonymous. They told me that a lot of people got frustrated with the apps and the easiest thing to do was to remove the Smart Hub software from the system by resetting it.

To reset Smart Hub, hit the menu button on your TV and then navigate to the Smart Hub menu item on the left. Select "reset smart hub" from the choices and then type in 0000 for the code to confirm and reset.

You'll notice a marked improvement in performance of the TV after it resets and erases the applications on the TV. If you need 4K applications on your TV, then grab yourself a 4K Chromecast from Google!




Goodbye Smart Hub! Goodbye poorly written Samsung code!