October 29, 2018


If you've made your way here to find me, then congratulations. Here I am.

I have canceled, deleted, removed and supended almost all of my social media accounts. What is left is Linkedin and Gmail. Goodbyes have been said to Reddit, HackerNews, Twitter, Instagram and more. It's been almost 8 years since I deleted my Facebook account. I'm all the better for it too.

No one company can define who you are. All of these companies try to define who you are by representing you through an account they technically and legally own. You are giving up your identity when you post on these services.

"But Kord!", you say, "It's nice to have all my friends on Facebook, all in one convenient place for me to catch up on what they are doing." No. It's not nice OR normal to "catch up" on 100s of friends. Facebook doesn't even show you all of your friends posts. They show you what makes them the most money.

Maybe you don't care about this fact and are OK with things as they are. BART, the public transit system for the San Francisco Bay Area, is a fucking disaster - has been for years. People just deal with it. The same goes for the situations were making for ourselves online.

I simply can't stand to be part of this anymore, at least in the ways that everyone think that matters. It's not critical that you are able to keep up with all your friends on Facebook. A few close friends are easy to maintain with SMS, or even Slack. Family too.

All those contacts you have on LinkedIn? I bet you don't even know the last time you talked to 90% of them. It's just a link in a database somewhere, Microsoft's database now, and it's not "you" or "your" data even. It's their data and a piece of you they own.

End rant. You do you. As for me, I'm out as much as I can be for now. Completely out in a few years, I figure. You can find me on a beach somewhere wishing for a simpler world free of VCs and stupid startups selling AI microwaves.